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Who We Work With

don't force your people to leave to find challenge
enneSolutions works with individuals, partnerships and teams within small to mid-sized businesses to facilitate a stronger, more cohesive working unit. If your team needs a fresh approach to effective communication, our experiential and multi-dimensional process will provide new ways of thinking, feeling and acting that will enhance their team effectiveness.

Our clients are open-minded, curious, ready for change and seeking a better way. They are up to the challenge, open to possibilities, willing to engage their creativity and interested in learning more about themselves and improving their best skills.

Do any of the following scenarios ring true with you?

Scenario 1
Team members are feeling that more time is being spent explaining things to colleagues, with a lot of back and forth, but little progress in understanding is achieved. This is happening frequently, productivity is suffering, deadlines are being missed, and people are snipping at each other.

Scenario 2
Work is getting done but no one really cares; there’s a general sense of anger in the air or hurt feelings. You know the highest quality product is not going to be there for the customer.

Scenario 3
The boss is getting what he or she wants but everyone else feels unappreciated and has stopped giving it their all.

Scenario 4
There is one person in the group that everyone complains about a lot and a fair amount of time is spent complaining about that person.

Scenario 5
You are doing your best and think that you are communicating well but you constantly have to backtrack, re-explain, send clarifying emails or make a phone call.

Scenario 6
It is hard to find someone to take a leadership role in your organization.


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