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Sam and Liz can be counted on to provide an array of top-quality consulting, training and coaching to leaders, teams and organizations committed to innovation, effectiveness, and sustainable growth. Integrating the Enneagram with other time-tested, creative approaches, their work displays a passion and dedication rarely seen, but easily felt.
- Ginger Lapid-Bogda, Ph.D., author of the "Enneagram in Business," "What Type of Leader Are You?" and "Bringing Out The Best in Everyone You Coach."

Thank you for such an insightful meeting about team dynamics. It's really nice to have the tools and skills to understand how and why people function in the ways they do.
- Serena E.

"Thank you so much for your help with our workshop. We have using the tools and suggestions you gave us and having fun with it too."
- Tori P.

"Our company has benefited greatly from the work you did with us. We all have a better understanding of ourselves and each other. We have all been more patient with each other’s feelings and now have a common understanding that we can fall back on when things get stressful. Our boss keeps the little cards you gave us on his desk at all times. I think that if a big obstacle came in our way we could sit down and discuss it with the Enneagram as a guide and probably get a better outcome. He has really made an effort, especially with our designer, to give her the feedback that she needs to feel good and do it in a way that is not critical or judgmental. I think it is important to revisit the Enneagram when it has benefited us so much
so we can keep these ideas fresh in our minds. We are all grateful for your help and knowledge. Thank you!!"

- Sarah C.

"It was helpful to learn more about myself and my colleagues."
- Holly T. 

"I don't know what you do but every time I meet with you, I feel safe and can open up and get clarity on what is working and not working in my professional and personal life."
- Adam J.