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Services and Specialties

learn to listen deeper
In our workshops, we bring to light the many different – and very subconscious – ways we each express ourselves and demonstrate the way our listening filters affect how we receive messages.

We explore communication styles and teach practical methods for listening clearly to what others say in their own style. We then provide techniques to express ourselves with more clarity. We place a high premium on creating a safe space, an environment of sharing, openness and compassion, to make this possible.

Our services include:

Conflict Resolution
Improve interpersonal communication
Recognize one's own first response to conflict and the response of others
See the value of diversity in styles of conflict
Offer a process for resolution

Creating self-facilitating work teams where everyone contributes his or her best skills
Finding each person's role on the team 

Enneagram Workshops
Introduction to the System, its dynamics, complexity and usefulness
Point Groups, for deepening your understanding of your own type
Advanced Workshops on Communication, Relationships, and Interpersonal development

"Who Are You Really?" Parties
For a night in - or a night out - with a difference. Our aim is to change the world one person at a time, ideally over wine, cheese and wine. We are Enneagram teachers. You are a group of six to nine friends. Party goers will understand more about themselves and others in a fun, friendly and vibrant environment.

The party aims to be lively, entertaining and information - making a very positive impact on your life. Throwing a "Who Are you Really?" Party is the most unique, shared experience you'll ever have - guaranteed!

What you can expect
To walk away with new ways of thinking, feeling and acting that enhance your effectiveness with others, which extends to all aspects of life.

In business, to create a more conflict-free workplace, better communication with fellow employees and customers, and an increased optimism about the organizational success.

In relationships, to develop a new awareness of self and others, expect more peace, clarity in communication, and greater self-assurance.

To garner more confidence upon which to build and enhance throughout life and circumstances.


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