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Why use us?

to communicate better
to listen with open mind and heart
to work more effectively as a team
to better process information and feedback
to make decisions that work for the whole

We all long for the workplace to be a place of sustainable business practices, collaborative partnerships between co-workers, supportive care of customers, and a place where sustainable and thriving relationships abound. enneSolutions is dedicated to helping such longings become a reality.

enneSolutions facilitates public and private experiential workshops based on the Organization Development tools of communications, conflict resolution, leadership development and team building. Our workshops are based on the premise that understanding our similarities and identifying our differences is easiest when we understand our own personality.

What makes enneSolutions unique? Our deep intuition and understanding of the human psyche, our compassionate way of creating and holding a space where people can feel safe and start opening up, coupled with our extensive knowledge of the Enneagram and our 30+ years of experience working with people.

enneSolutions works with individuals and partnerships, small-to-mid-sized businesses and organizations ready for change and ready to create highly effective working teams of knowledgeable, sustainable and effective members.


To learn more or to schedule a consultation, contact us.